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Technological Solutions in Transport and Energy

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Since 1986, TRITEC has been offering solutions and high technology for its customers. Specialized in the metro rail and energy sectors, it supplies spare parts with quality, precision and safety.

Its expertise in the metro rail and energy market, together with its commitment to provide the most accurate solutions according to the material and the applicability, make TRITEC one of the most active and competitive companies in the manufacture of mechanical and electromechanical components for these sectors, attending to companies that are benchmarks in their segments.

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Yes, we have the latest technology on the market.

Spare parts for the railroad and energy sectors, through the manufacture of mechanical and electromechanical components.


Technology and precision in every detail

Otis Escalator Step


Third Rail Pickup Shoe Holder


Traction Motor Cover

Insulating Support

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TRITEC products count on the competence of a team formed by qualified professionals, complete and always updated infrastructure and the high quality of each piece through its continuous control. Differentials that guarantee to its customers the best solutions for spare parts of diverse sectors.

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  • Rua Conselheiro Elias de Carvalho, 543
    Vila Santa Catarina - São Paulo
  • T: 55 11 5679 0179
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